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Description: Natural unglazed handmade with white clay body from Fez.  4x4 blonde terracotta pavers also known to the locals as Markab are ideal for large floors indoors and outdoors.  They bring warmth to any space and their natural composition allows for low temperature transfer which makes them especially ideal for garden spaces, bathrooms, hallways.  They go very well with Spanish style architecture and also balance any modern space with tier warn rustic qualities.  

Size: Approx. 4" x 4" or 100  mmx 10 mm.  Thickness is approx. 3/4"or 20 mm.

Applications: Ideal for garden, patio, kitchens, bathroom , hallway, stairs.  

Price: Item priced per square foot

Minimum Order: No minimum but the more you order, the more you save on shipping costs.  To save on shipping, we recommend getting 250 to 500 square feet, for low rate ocean freight, or combine a majority of your order with other items such as mosaics, or combine with Mosaico cement tile in one shipment.

How to Order

Timeline: 2 to 6 weeks depending on quantity including production and shipping timelines

Ordering samples: You may order samples online.

Returns: This beautiful terracotta tile will come all the way from Morocco just to beautify your space and we cannot turn it down once its gets to the states.  Therefore, this sale is final and we will not accept any returns.

Questions: e-mail us at sales@marocarchitecture.com

handmade in Morocco

This Moroccan tile is 100% Handmade by highly skilled artisans in Morocco using the same techniques used to make tile and mosaics in the infamous Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain in the 13th century.