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We are a family owned business and our Moroccan tiles, or Moroccan zellij, are all made from scratch in our Fez factory. Even though the process has not changed that much from what the Moorish tile makers did in ancient times, we strive to produce the highest quality tile and to control the quality of each and every piece. We work mainly with architects, designers, and developers in America, Australia, Europe, Morocco, and The Middle East. We have extensive experience in making all types of real handmade authentic Moroccan tiles, or Moroccan zellij, including mosaics, hand painted tile, terracotta, zellij or zellige, cement tiles, hand chiseled tile, and more. We are able to meet any design requirements since we specialize in high quality authentic historic Moroccan tiles, Moroccan zellij or zellige, Spanish tiles, Andalusian tiles, Moorish tiles, and Portuguese tiles. Our team of designers and artisans can design and recreate the Alhambra Palace for any of your projects or right in your home using the same Moroccan tiles, or Moroccan zellij, and the same techniques as the Moors used hundreds of years ago.

Whether you like modern Moroccan tiles, or Moroccan zellij, or would like to recreate an historic Moorish tile that you encountered in your travels across Spain, Portugal, or Morocco, we can make it for you. Whether you prefer old traditional vibrant colors, or modern earth tone colors, we are more than happy to assist you since we have the capabilities of customizing all of our Moroccan tile colors, designs, and scales.