Moroccan cement tile by Maroc Architecture et Zellij
Moroccan cement tile by Maroc Architecture et Zellij
Moroccan cement tile by Maroc Architecture et Zellij
Moroccan cement tile colors by Maroc Architecture et Zellij


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Description: This French Moroccan cement tile is part of our MOSAICO collection. It is basically a cost effective replica of our complex mosaics using a different method and materials.  Cement tiles are hand made by pressing a permanent design using marble, mineral pigments for colors, portland cement, sand, design screen, a mold, and a hydraulic manual press. Cement tiles are very strong and durable and ideal for high traffic floors.  They can be used as produced or sealed to add a glossy look.

Size: 8"x8" or 200mm x 200mm. Thickness is 5/8" or 17mm.

Applications: Ideal for bathroom and kitchen floors, hallway floors, courtyards and more.  They are great for high traffic floors like restaurants and hotels. backsplash.  The trend in Europe, Dubai and Morocco lately is mix and match of many designs to create a funky colorful patchwork. 

Price: Item priced per piece measuring 8"x8"

Minimum Order: 585 pieces or 260 square feet which can be mixed designs.  For larger orders, contact us to explore your savings options

How to Order

A- Select you cement tile colors for your mosaic

  1. As shown in main product photo. 
  2. Custom colors.  Select your color combination from our numbered color palette.

Timeline: 8 to 12 weeks depending on quantity including production and shipping timelines

Ordering samples: Call or email us if you want to order samples.  You will be charged unit price and shipping for random samples. 

Returns: This beautiful tile will be made especially for you.  Therefore this sale is final and we will not accept any returns.

Questions: e-mail us at

handmade in Morocco

This Moroccan tile is Handmade by highly skilled artisans in Morocco.