Mosaic Columns

All our Moroccan mosaic tiles are available for columns applications.  We can custom make any column fitting size, shape, height and width based on your project needs and ship internationally.  We also offer onsite installation as well.

We do all the hardwork and supply you with ready to install columns for the following shapes:

  • Round columns
  • Square and rectangular columns
  • L shape columns
  • Half columns
  • Dimensional columns
  • Octagonal columns

For  a quotation, please provide us with the following:

  • Actual column size (height, width, diameter for round columns)
  • Project location
  • Precise if onsite columns have already been erected
  • Drawings
  • Project timeline

Below are a few columns that we did for clients. 

Moroccan tile for columnsMoroccan artisans installing Moroccan tile for columns by Maroc Architecture et Zellij


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